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Accompanies the worlds best DJs. Percussion players clubs uk

Dance Percussionist & World Class Bongo Player. UK based.


More than talented dance percussionist, David H is an Artist, DJ, Producer and Remixer in his own right. With release under his own name and pseudonym, Subsola, Engram, Execute and Estrella.

Since his first white label release in 1991 David’s music has filled the dance floors. His biggest track was Passion, remixed by legendary DJ Tony De Vit and Subsola, So Pure, Championed by Radio ! DJ Pete Tong and remixed by Trance guru Ferry Corsten.

Remixing under the guise “Pure Seduction” david discography to be proud of.


Recorded live at RAW in London’s FIRE after-hours club, this captures the essence of a real dance percussionist who is living in the moment, feeling the groove, connecting with the crowd, sharing an experience never to be repeated, ever!

As a singed ROLAND artist David plays the latest and best digital drum kits & electronic percussion in his dynamic stage shows.

Connecting to the dancing crowd organically with just one set of bongos is the art of a musician who truly loves their instrument.

“Jimi Hendrix only played one guitar at a time!”

Since 2001, David H has been at the forefront of global ‘House Music’ percussion. Established and (as some people might say), one of the world’s leading, innovative and inspirational dance club percussionist; constantly accompanying the worlds best DJ’s at the most incredible parties in the coolest clubs and amazing festivals.

BPI music award winner David is regarded as possibly, the best ‘House Music’ percussionist of his generation, arguably one of the finest “Live” Bongo players around today. This critically acclaimed professional is original and unique, combining traditional & electronic percussion, totally inspired and in love with ‘House music’. He is one the most ‘in-demand’ entertainers, respected by his peers and appreciated by all party people who celebrate life.

Destined to play drums and without any teacher, David has been blessed with a very special gift, a remarkable talent; he has this raw ability to naturally improvise over any dance groove. Unlike his competition, David does not repeat a rehearsed rhythm or play a whole range of other drums to compensate the lack of creative talent.  David-H plays his instruments, together they talk music, he feels the groove and melodically the rhythm flows from within. The crowd love the connection David makes between the DJ and the dance-floor, people, literally light-up and dance, acknowledging, David-H is passionate, talented, the genuine article >>>



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