Broken arm

Dear all,

I am writing to inform you of an unfortunate accident I had at home recently. Along with additional injuries, I completely ruptured the distal bicep tendon of my left arm. The pain was excruciating and required urgent repair surgery, which took place on March 13th. My arm is stitched up and protected in a full-length cast. I am at home, focusing on healing and processing the incident.

As a drummer, I understand that a severe injury to the hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder can abruptly end a career. In the knowledge that I have months of healing and physio to complete, regretfully, there will be no performances until further notice. Although I am an extremely private person, I will keep you updated on my progress both with my arm injury and another distressing situation which will shock many of you, especially those who, like me, identify as neurodiverse.

I am immensely grateful for all the help and support from those close to me. There have been some dark moments which I found challenging to navigate.

A special ‘thank you’ to Eastbourne A&E for their fantastic help recognising both my physical and mental injuries. A massive ‘thank you’ to consultant Simon Wimsey, who diagnosed the bicep injury. My GP has been excellent, as always. Finally, I am extremely grateful to both surgeons, who spent almost three hours painstakingly rebuilding my arm, giving me hope to play again.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding, support & empathy.